"Concurrency, A Dance"

(from a dialogue on Listening-I. email list)

Bruce: Something extraordinary, a discovery. I recall (dimly, I haven't actually owned any K books for years) K speaking of "the space between thoughts." At the time I read it, it was one of those "OK, I suppose there's something there" passages, and I haven't really recalled it until about 10-11 hours ago, in hindsight. This is a very significant, subtle matter. Thought generally seems to us to be continuous, a stream of deliberation, comparison, idle chatter. It is not! Thought has a kind of granularity, discontinuities where thought is not, where there is only emptiness, silence, going by unnoticed. These temporally tiny silences are portals to immensity. Astonishing! I will attempt to write of the implications of this as I find words, in the meantime perhaps someone here will perceive a pointing and write first. Thank you, listening-l!

Arnie: If we look at a movie on a screen it seems like a continuous picture. In actuality it is many single pictures moving very fast across a lens. This gives the illusion of continuity. Perhaps thought is the same way. It moves so fast that it gives an illusion of a continuous person. Can it be slowed down enough so the illusion will end?

Bruce: If we are to model this mechanically your imagery is quite useful. Thank you. There is, however, no need to slow anything nor is there an illusion to end. Thought continues on its busy way, but flooding the interstices in its patterns moves something immeasurable and pure, timeless. There is, concurrently perceived, the computing engine and the ongoing miracle. Illusion cannot stand, thought can only be seen as such. One writes, yet one is overwhelmed as if dumbstruck. Thought queries memory and asserts "this will end." It does not end. Thought pipes down and is abacus, glossary, a servant. There are tears, gratitude. A smoke alarm malfunctions with a screech and is dealt with. The mundane and the limitless dance....